Replacement power supply for Apple Cinema Display

LED PSU running an Apple Cinema Display
Close up of the supply & power switch

NB: Photos copyright Eroni De Oliveira

A reader sent me some information on replacing the Apple power supply for the Cinema Display. He realised that a 24V 'LED Strip' power supply should meet the power requirements for the display.

The power supplies sell for around $20 which is a considerable saving compared to the Apple version around $100 to $200 (depending on usage). He was in the process of testing 2 'dead' displays and was able to exchange parts between them to diagnose the problem for each display… Read more »

Wifi deployment of Macbook Air's

Note to self…

Deploying multiple Macs over 802.11.n isn't really practical.

Using a 1.27GB Deploy Studio netboot set to boot one Macbook Air took 2:30's to get to the DS runtime to be able to select a workflow.

A test with 6 machines booting in parallel took 11 minutes for 5 of them to get to the same usable state. One machine failed to boot the netboot set & it sat the at the grey Apple screen, so it probably wasn't pulling in the netboot image over wifi.

These times don't include running any restore workflows, so actual restoring could take hours for a large master image. Wifi doesn't support multicast streams so each client needs to maintain a single connection to the server.

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Here is a script to test for the presence of flashback on Mac OS X. There is info describing it & other variants on and the weblog.

The script performs the 'defaults read' commands that f-secure recommend in step 1 & step 9 of their detection instructions. Read more »

Apple 23" Cinema Display possible fix for 'short-long-short' error

Pin hack test
1117 on the mainboard

An explaination of one way to resolve an issue with an Aluminum Apple 23 inch cinema display (circa. 2005-2006) suffering from a 'short - long - short' flashing power light & no visible display. This solution worked for me, it may not work for you, but others have reported similar sucesses, see the forum posts in the links for more info.

Import local hosts into VirtualBox guest VM

I have made a simple script to take the locally defined hosts & import them into a Windows virtual machine running on VirtualBox.

It means local testing domains defined in your Macs /etc/hosts file can be viewed from the Windows environment, combined with xdissent's ievms script it makes handling virtual machines a simple process.


The script creates a batch file & then runs it inside the VM. The VM requires the virtualbox guest additions. Read more »

Zen theme layout

Zen them layout structure with source code

Here is a quick reference post showing the basic structure of the Zen 2 Drupal theme, see the Zen project page for the source, and the project help.


Large version of the layout image. Read more »

Dying G5 forum threads

Here is a quick list of links to forum posts that are from people having issues with failing G5 Power Macs. 


Apple discussions

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Dead mac list data

Here is the data from the dead mac list. It's hosted on Google Docs. Read more »

Clean Up invisible mac files

Clean Up application icon, soap and bubbles

This is an AppleScript application to remove certain invisible files from a disk. The main purpose is for cleaning up certain 'meta' files the Mac Finder creates on volumes. The invisible files can be annoying when the disk is used with other operating systems that will show the items. This AppleScript droplet is useful for cleaning memory sticks for cameras, PSP's, mobile phones, USB thumb drives etc. Read more »

Black Voices

Black Voices are an all female a cappella ensemble. Based in Birmingham UK, they have become internationally renowned for moving performances. These amazing voices sing a repertoire of traditional african songs, gospel, blues, reggae and songs inspired from their numerous travels.

This is the second version of Black Voices website that I produced for the group. This latest site is another Drupal based site, with a custom theme.

The first site was frame based with Flash for navigation, and a calendar that was a little more than was required. The new site does away with all that nonsense. Clean, simple, and editable by members of the group.

Black Voices

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