About pixelchimp

Pixelchimp is written and produced by Drew Reece. I do all sorts of things, including video editing, web design, print design, and arts based youth work. My work centres around using Apple Macs, but I love technology in general. You can take a look at some of the work I have showcased in the Websites and Video (coming soon) sections. I've been self employed for about 10 years, working in the West Midlands, UK. I tend to work with local charities, arts and multimedia organisations on project based educational work. I provide Mac technical support and troubleshooting. I also work with people in workshops based around using technology to create. I have worked on projects across the West Midlands enabling young people to share ideas and technology. This includes hands on education work, assisting young people to achieve their aims, and documentation projects that capture an idea of how a project has been carried out. Recently I have been using Drupal to make several websites. For people who like lists, here is one of most (not all) of the things I do.

  • Mac technical support - installation, troubleshooting, purchasing, etc.
  • Print design
  • Web design
  • Video filming, editing, DVD authoring
  • Workshops demonstrating most of the above
  • General Unix meddling, shell scripts, php & apache webserver tweaking (the geeky guts of Mac OSX).

Check out the contact page to get in touch with me; I'm always interested in in new projects. This site uses Drupal, an open source CMS. It's hosted courtesy of Origin Services. This site uses webstandards, marked up in XHTML and styled with CSS. Use the contact form if you have trouble viewing the site. Please try Firefox or another standards compatible browser before complaining about it being broken in Internet Explorer...

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