The quiet ones

TextEdit application icon

Well I thought I had lots to say, but I guess I don't. So add this site to the list of neglected blogs. 

In the meantime here is an example of the nice touches Apple go to with their software, the icon for TextEdit. Going the extra mile is usually worth it.



Dead mac list data

Here is the data from the dead mac list. It's hosted on Google Docs. Read more »

Git on a Mac

A note to people using Git on Mac OSX. There are some new softwares appearing for browsing Git repositories in similar ways to gitk. Two I'm playing with are Gitnub and GitX both are more 'mac like' than gitk (wish shell) and have nice appearance and install very easily. They also have shortcuts to open them up from Terminal when you are within a repository.

Worth checking out for version control, SCM, whatever you want to call it.

Clean Up invisible mac files

Clean Up application icon, soap and bubbles

This is an AppleScript application to remove certain invisible files from a disk. The main purpose is for cleaning up certain 'meta' files the Mac Finder creates on volumes. The invisible files can be annoying when the disk is used with other operating systems that will show the items. This AppleScript droplet is useful for cleaning memory sticks for cameras, PSP's, mobile phones, USB thumb drives etc. Read more »

G5 use by 2009

Well, you can probably see I have been neglecting this blog a little recently. The main reason is because I had my main computer die on me in the middle of some tight deadlines. Read more »


Tiny bigness

Another black hole machine.

Wet dreams

Here is an interesting article on how water is unlikely to save the planet. The Hydrogen Hoax.

H2O powered cars seemed too good to be true, maybe one day we can use these to split the atom?

Git rant

My experience using Git with Drupal

For me Git works pretty well with Drupal. Prior to trying Git I was using SVN with SVN-X to manage revisions. It worked ok, but there were several occasions that I broke the repository, by accidentally deleting a hidden .svn folder, and then attempts to fix it went wrong and it became unsalvagable. I expect it was due to being new to version control, but it always stuck me as painful having countless .svn folders cluttering up my working copy. Read more »

Well I have finally gone and started blogging

Not sure if this will be just a place to store thoughts or rant, but it's here non the less.

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