Mac death

My G5 powermac suddenly stopped working 2 months after the Applecare expired. The local Genius bar were unable or unwilling to help without payment, Applecare were also disinterested. After seeing so many other people on various Macintosh user forums I decided to contribute by setting up somewhere to log these failures.
Nothing may come of this list, I have no motivation to shame Apple into fixing these machines, but I think it may help to have a place to log them and get an idea of what is happening. It is easy to assume that these failures are endemic, but without any real data it is impossible to say.
This is not a forum for getting help, please only include details of FAILED or DYING macs. If you want help fixing or repairing these machines either use your local Apple authorized repair center, or use the various Apple discussion forums. Add a machine (requires registration).

View the dead mac list.

UPDATE, the raw data is now available.

UPDATE 2, submissions closed.


Alas MacDeath

I too have no axe to grind with Apple.. In fact I wouldn't use any other machine I have been using mac's since about 85 and they are brilliant computers. So my dead Mac is quite a blow to me... My old 8500 still works as does my G3 powerbook, G4 tower, Ti Book and my 2.8 Gig Quad core... but my favorite G5 is has died a very premature death. Not Happy Steve.
So it seems to me that if Apple don't address this issue they are in danger of one rotten Mac spoiling the whole barrel