These are some of the recent sites I have worked on.


Largecow screenshot

A site made for Hunt Emerson, comics artist and purveyor of smut extraordinaire. I confess it took a while, but switching to Drupal made it a lot easier to do.
Take a look around, buy something from his store, it's all very good.

Poppies Walsall

Poppies Walsall screenshot

Poppies Walsall specialise in working with families and friends affected by drug and alcohol abuse. Their site is nice, compact and to the point. It's all hand coded (x)html, which uses css for the layout to make it accessible. Poppies Walsall (ceased in 2011).

My first site

Poppies Walsall screenshot

Created back in 2001, with help from Linda Ashford, supported by Walsall's Community Arts Team (Now the Creative Development Team).
I never really used the site, but it has been around on my .mac site ever since. It breaks all the accessibility rules and relies totally on tables and images, but it's kinda fun. Built back when we didn't have such lovely large screens and fast internet.

Look at the overload of colours in the gallery, complete with unnecessary small versions and the odd navigation that needs to be hunted for.
I'm glad I've learned a lot since then, still worth a look.

First Site

Black Voices

Black Voices are an all female a cappella ensemble. Based in Birmingham UK, they have become internationally renowned for moving performances. These amazing voices sing a repertoire of traditional african songs, gospel, blues, reggae and songs inspired from their numerous travels.

This is the second version of Black Voices website that I produced for the group. This latest site is another Drupal based site, with a custom theme.

The first site was frame based with Flash for navigation, and a calendar that was a little more than was required. The new site does away with all that nonsense. Clean, simple, and editable by members of the group.

Black Voices

Midlands Mac User Group

Midlands Mac User Group homepage screenshot

A simple site for Midlands Mac User Group. MMUG are a useful bunch of Mac users who meet up and discuss things all things Apple. 

Check out the mailing list for help and general Mac chat.